Introducing myself (english)

Introducing myself

These trousers I found two weeks ago in a street, close to my apartment in Berlin. It is a blue jeans and so it is a workers trouser, originally developed
in the US for the working class.

This pair of shoes, I got from a friend.  In the beginning, they were a little bit
too large, but then, my feet got used to.

This pullover is a heritage from my brothers father in law, how died in
February this year. I got a several ones, good quality and in different colours.

This hood jacket is bought second hand and it is a present of my girl-friend.
It is a far echo of the middle age monks and was reintroduced by guys coming up with the rap and the hip-hop music in the 90ths. So it is a street wear.

This watch also is a heritage, from the uncle of my father and about 50 years old. So it is even older than me, it is pure mechanical and a Swiss product. (On my way here, in the plane, I saw an advertisement I liked: “If you are coming to Switzerland, we’ll have time for you”).


This golden ring, with a black onyx stone, formerly was a present from my
mother to my father. Much later on, I got it from him. To wear it, as a man, is
a kind of aristocratic relic.

This other ring is out of silver and there are two of them. Many years ago, we exchanged these between me and my girl-friend, who is my wife, even if we are not married in law or in religion.

This scarf is hers too and I borrowed it from her for this journey to China.

This is my normal day dressing in Berlin
and now I’m here with you, in the YouYou Gallery.  

                                                  Mi Ander - Guangzhou / China, November 2012