The House of Yes

04/20/2006 Premiere

Theater Zerbrochene Fenster, Berlin

By Wendy McLeod

Director: Hans-Dieter Heiter

Stage: Mi Ander

Costumes: Laia Pol and Mi Ander

Assistant director: Hannah Schmitt

Actors: Mona Glass, Christian Wewerka,
           Till Brandenburg, Karin Seven, 
           Denise Gorzelanny

The House of Yes is a psychiological drama in the kind of a screwball comedy. The plot is situated around the shots on John F. Kennedy, but in fact, it is  a story about a fault family. 

A production of Society Players / Theater hautnah

Many thanks to the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz,
especially to Hans-Werner Gramsch and Ulrike Köhler