Secret Society

10/05/2005 Premiere

Artheater Cologne / Germany

Director: Andreas Robertz

Stage and Costumes: Mi Ander

Music: Stefan Bohne
Dramaturg: Barbara Kastner

Actors: Judith Evers, Thomas Georgiadis,
            Daniel Kamen, Bernd Rehse, Tomasso Tessitori

Secret Society, based in the 80th in West-Germany, is a play of conspiracy theories. Kohl is chancellor, we still have the D-Mark and with the smal Atari is beginning as well the computer espionage. In the deluge of informations, the fatal exception error 23 happens and there is no way out. The system is overloaded.   

"The map is not the territory" - Robert A. Wilson 

A Lowskin-production in cooperation with Zuckerhut (Berlin) and the Artheater Cologne.

Photos: stage and acting