Epstein Epitaph

05/20/2008 Premiere 

Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin / Germany

Director: Marc Ottiker

Acting: Irina Kastrinidis
            Christoph Letkowski
            Uwe Preuss

            On the piano Mark Smolák

Stage and Costumes: Mi Ander

Dramaturge: Sabine Zielke

A première after textes of Lothar Trolle, Baltasar Gracián, Wilhelm Busch, Heinrich Zille a.o., Songs and contemporary documents.

In the 3. Stock of the renowned Volksbühne, where Heiner Müller and Frank Castorf already worked, we did a play on Sally Epstein, who was one of the first Jewisch Victims of National Socialism. Without any guilt, he was at the wrong place at a wrong time. Beginning in January 1930 with the shot on Wessel, afterwards stylized to an early martyr of National Socialism, it is thriller playing in the shady side of the late twentys in Berlin. After prison and a second process, Sally Epstein was executed in 1935. Based on true story, that happend in the neighbourhood of the Volksbühne.

Special thanks to Ilona Siefert, Antje Schulz and many thanks to all the departments of Volksbühne.