10/13 and 10/14/2007

Chapel in Königslutter / Germany

I am standing in a passage beside the apse of the Cemetery Chapel. Motionless, with open eyes and in my workaday clothes. At my feet there is a fog machine, filling up the niche where I'm standing, up to I demise. After the fog slowly vanished, I was standing in the same position, but naked and eyes clsed. Once again the fog is raising and I disappear for a second time. At the end, I am standing again dressed, imperceptibly changed and with open eyes at the same place and the performance is over. 

Duration: about 20 - 30 minutes.

Performance: Mi Ander

Photos: Zhu Yunfeng

This work was done in context of an exhibition and was part of an event which was organized from kunst...hierundjetzt. Responsibles: Dr. Anne Mueller von der Haegen and Christine Linne M.A.