Room Installation KL

06/24 - 06/26/2011

Malerkapelle Königslutter / Germany

"Artists in Site", curated by Jürgen B. Kuck.

In the Malerkapelle, formerly a cemetery chapel, I installed a room in the chapel room. Beside, I did a waiting area for the visitors and there, on the wall, was a calender of 2011 and three framed, offical writings from 1994 (concerning Michael Pfänder). On the other side there was a "donation table". Apart from that, the chapel room was empty. 
I lived, worked and slept in the installed room for three days and during the opening hours of the exhibition (10pm - 6am) I did consultation hours to those who were interested.
Above the donation table there was a handwritten paper: "Dear Visitors. During the days from 06/24 to 06/26 I depend on you. In these three days I will only eat what you will bring me. Thank you."
I had tabacco and enough to drink, but with regard to food, in three days, I got three chocolate bars, two tomatoes and one chewing-gum.

Please see PERFORMANCE / Living Object and for more details in german, click here.