Ghost Trio I + II 

10/10 and 10/11/2009 

Chapel and Cemetery in Königslutter

In context of "kunst...hierundjetzt", Yingmei Duan, Frank Homeyer and Mi Ander developped a group performance and it was shown during two afternoons in the Chapel and on the surrounding graveyard. Each one with a duration of three and a half hour, they can't be showed in their complete course, so here below, you can see two smal parts: Ghost Trio I and Ghost Trio II.

The performances were part of an exhibition:
Sylvie Monnin - Objekte / Michael Röpsch - Fotografie / Yingmei Duan - Video / Frank Homeyer - Video / Mi Ander - Installation. 

The title is an echo of "Ghost" Trio No. 5 in D Major from Ludwig van Beethoven and Ghost trio, a play for television, from Samuel Beckett.

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Ghost Trio I + II 
Yingmei Duan, Photo Michael R?psch
Ghost Trio I + II 
Mi Ander, Photo Michael R?psch
Ghost Trio I + II 
Frank Homeyer, Photo Michael R?psch