Berliner Liste 2013

September 2013

Fair for contemporary art, Berlin / Germany

The performance TAKE ME THROUGH... which I did this year during
the Venice Biennale, was invited by Dr. Peter Funken to take place at the Berliner Liste 2013, fair for contemporary art.

So I did TAKE ME THROUGH THE BERLINER LISTE on three days, each day for five hours (September 18., 20. and 21.) and with the same rules. To be guided blind through the exhibition and to talk about the art to be seen. Before, I wasn't inside the fair and I didn't took a look. Not until the last day, when I came back without covered glasses, strolling through the fair on my one, remembering what I heard and what we had been talking about. Also comparing, what I had been told, to what I could see now. Beside this, there were quite many people who saw me during work and they came up to me or, after a smile, me up to them and so there was (again) a lot of conversation. One nice entering: "Was that your twin-brother?" and as it was a rhetorical question, I said: "Yea, my twin-brother, who is unfortunately blind, he was here yesterday." 

The Berliner Liste had over 10.000 visitors and during the three days
I had
 12 guides. There were done some photos on demand and two times there were friends taking photos, so I chosed Line I and II, to be shown here.
Thanks a lot to the two photographers, Anna Kubelik and Tilda Nix.