Performance Participation

Untiteld, 2013 - Aernout Mik

March 2013

HKW, Berlin / Germany

For the performance Untitled, 2013, the internationally known Dutch artist Aernout Mik invited a 150 performers, actors and bit-part actors and I had been one of them.
His work took place on March 22. and 23. during the Former West Project which was held in the HKW, Haus der Kulturen
der Welt, Berlin. As the details of this performance were not announced in the program, nobody knew when, where and what will happen.

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Untiteld, 2013 - Aernout Mik
The HKW, Haus der Kulturen der Welt
Untiteld, 2013 - Aernout Mik
Inside, the main auditorium, where the performance took place
Untiteld, 2013 - Aernout Mik
Marjoleine Boonstra, Ernest Look, Aernout Mik and Mi Ander, Photo B.J. Schneider