Serata Futurista / Futurist Evening

12/16/2008 7.30 am

Gallery Lacke und Farben, Berlin

By reason of the 100. anniversary of the Futurist Movement (Marinetti wrote the Futurist Manifesto in 1908), the Berlin based Italien Gallery Lacke und Farben arranged this evening. For the Performance, Carlo Emanuele Esposito worked out a concept, what we all developped further.

Director and Actor: Carlo Emanuele Esposito
Actresses: Lorella Borrelli 
                Oana Chitu 
Musician: Boris Steinberg
Dancer: Valentina Tonelli

Costumes: Mi Ander

The costumes were done for few money, so they had to be done by simple means. But I liked this cardboard-costumes among all the suits. Obviously, I took inspiration from Oskar Schlemmer and a little bit of Hugo Ball.

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Serata Futurista / Futurist Evening
Valentina Tonelli
Serata Futurista / Futurist Evening
Lorella Borrelli and Valentina Tonelli