Marina Abramovic - MoMA

April 2010

Museum of Modern Art, New York / USA

In 2010 there was a Retroperspectiv of the Performance Works of Marina Abramovic at the MoMA. The exhibition was on from 03/14 - 05/31/2010 and during that time, Marina Abramovic did her performance The Artist is Present. Eleven weeks, during the opening hours of the museum (per week: five days seven hours and one day ten hours), she was sitting at a table in the atrium at the MoMA. There was another chair at the table and everybody who wanted to do, could sit towards her. Looking at each other, without talking and as long the one wanted. Certainly, you had to stand in a queue before and you had to be there, before the museum was opening. I did it and here, there is not more to say about. To see photos of this great work, have a look on the MoMA website:


The Performance and the Exhibition
were curated by Klaus Biesenbach.