10/01/2014 - 03/30/2015

Wanted Richard Wagner 

10/01/2014 - 03/30/2015                     Residency at the Lohengrin House Graupa

Up from October the first, I will start a half year residency at
the Richard-Wagner-Stätten Graupa, a village nearby Dresden. In 1846 Richard Wagner spend there his summer and here he worked on a first sketch for his Lohengrin Opera. That's why the house later on was called the Lohengrinhaus and in there I will live in an appartment, which I will use as a studio to work on a self choosen theme: The Grail, the thought of Redemption and the figure of Parzival in literature and in the Opera of Richard Wagner. On March 27. 2015 at 7pm is the opening of the exhibition "Wanted Richard Wagner" in the Hunting Castle nearby and there I will show the results of my research and artistic work. Duration of the exhibition: 03.28. - 05.31.2015, closed on Mondays.
In cooperation with Kultur- und Tourismusgesellschaft Pirna mbH Richard-Wagner-Stätten Graupa.

Wanted Richard Wagner Lohengrinhaus Graupa